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Do I Need an Estate Plan?

A lot of people are more interested in planning their vacation trips rather than estate planning. They think that estate planning is only for the wealthiest in the world. But these people couldn’t be more wrong. Estate planning is a most essential plan that should be included in everyone’s life. It is all about the safety and security of your family members even when you are not around. Thus, this article answers the evident questions as to why should you have an estate plan.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the overall transfer of your assets to your loved ones. In estate planning, you can decide about the distribution of your assets among your loved ones, so that when you are no longer around, they can still be finically secure and independent.

Why Do You Need an Estate Plan?

Here comes the obvious question of this article. We know that people are struggling with this question and in the end, they think that they don’t need an estate plan. But that is completely a wrong conception. There are so many reasons why you need to have an estate plan. Some of these reasons are mentioned in this article.

Estate Planning Allows You to Make Your Own Choices

Through estate planning, you can choose who gets what. You can easily divide your assets according to your own choice. In the absence of any estate plan, the decision goes to the court. The court chooses who will get what amount of your assets. And this decision might not be in sync with yours. Most of the times the family members start contesting among themselves regarding the asset distribution. This makes the relationship within the family very bitter. Thus, you need to have proper estate planning to avoid such issues.

It Will Protect Your Children

With people having children, estate planning can be of great help. Just imagine that you do not have any estate plan and you die suddenly due to an accident. What happens to the future of your children? How are they going to survive? To avoid such situations you need to have a strong estate plan which will make sure that even after your death your children will be financially independent and they won’t be facing any troubles whatsoever.

You Can Reduce Your Taxes

A lot of your money can get eaten up due to taxes on your property. This can be easily avoided by having a good estate plan. You can consult your lawyers and financial counsellors regarding minimizing the tax and eventually if you come up with a well- structured will and estate plan, your heirs can be protected from paying this huge amount of taxes. Most couples go for this option to mitigate taxes.

You Can Continue Your Legacy

Estate planning is all about protecting the things and the people you value the most. By making a proper estate plan you will not only take care of your loved ones but at the same time, you can ensure the safety of all of your belongings. The assets that you have built through your hard-earned money need to be protected no matter what.

It Will Help in Business

For people who are running a company, or a small factor or a big organization. Estate planning is a must. This company needs to continue even after you are not around. Thus, you need to have an estate plan stating the power of attorney of your company so that after you are gone your company is well taken care of. In an absence of any will or estate plan, your company might be seized by the government or it might go in the wrong hands. Thus, you need to have proper planning for your business as well.

It Helps in Charity

It is not necessary that all of your hard-earned money has to go to your loved ones only. You can even donate an amount to charity if you want to. This can be done easily using an estate plan. You can include your favourite charity on your will in your trust and the share of assets you want to donate them.


Whether you are rich or poor, estate planning must be a top priority. And the best time to do it is now! Call us to setup your free consultation with an estate planning attorney to learn how estate planning can benefit you and your loved ones.